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From one single fusion at very high temperatures of 1.250°, comes to life a ceramic material qualified as entirely recyclable and therefore 100% eco-friendly, derived from a productive cycle with no pollution emissions into the atmosphere.

Pluston is a ceramic surface completely scratch-proof, stain-proof, slip-proof, as well as bacterial resistant and can easily replace those products manufactured using resins, solvents and catalysts; materials that are highly pollutant and non-recyclable.

Pluston uses only natural raw materials of the highest quality by just adding water and fire.

PATENT No. AN2014A000135


What is objectively beautiful?
Nothing… if not our own perception of beauty.
It is however, indisputably proven that quality can be measured.
Pluston reaches the boundaries of desire that each of us has in terms of quality, when purchasing a product, aware that it will come into contact with us and with the intimacy of our everyday life.
makes the difference by offering a truly exceptional product that stands out from the rest of the market and re-establishes a condition of safety for the end consumer, with the guarantee of an avant-garde ethical-industrial process.
Genesio Bevilacqua
Ceramica Althea CEO

The surface of the Plus shower tray is 100% scratch-proof and guarantees forever the same brilliancy of the first day of installation. The test against abrasion and scratching has shown the perfect resistance properties of plus ton surface, exceeding the values of the standard of reference UNI 4543/2.

It is well known that on the standing surfaces of the shower trays, of any material, are applied at low or cold temperatures slip-proof materials that roughen the surface therefore facilitating the deposit of impurities, organic waste, bacteria and furthermore their durability is not ensured over time. guarantees a slip-proof surface thanks to its own single fusion, achieved at very high temperatures of 1.250° and for this reason is permanent and guaranteed a lifetime.

Pendulum BS 7976:2002 English certification
Result = Excellent

All the convenience of
a stain-proof material.

plus ton is non porous and any staining agent can deposit on the surface without penetrating the inner layers of the ceramic, therefore allowing its removal simply with water. Notreatmentis necessary.

plus ton is certified stain-proof according to the UNI4543/2 regulation.

With a thickness of only 3 cm, the PLUS shower tray is extremely easy to handle. Plus is synonymous of research and innovation overcoming the barriers of classic ceramic and, with its fully glazed sides, is reversible and can be installed in any bathroom environment, adjacent to walls, in the centre of the room or flush to the floor, making the showering area also accessible to those with disabilities.

Modern and functional design in a thickness of only 3 cm.

The special hemispheres activate a foot massage that stimulates blood circulation.
The design is studied to confer beneficial effects to the feet and, therefore, to the entire body.

The plus ton fusion process ensures the imperviousness of the surface and has a strong oxidizing power. In this way, the development of pathogenic agents is eliminated.
plus ton is a completely non-toxic material that discourages the proliferation of bacteria.

Maximum hygiene and protection,
the future is precious.

The incredible lightness of the Plus shower tray is determined by the use of raw materials of the highest quality and by the study of a design that allows to drastically reduce the productive spaces, thus overcoming the barriers of traditional ceramics.

Lightness as a
measure of elegance

To meet the endless installation needs, the Plus shower tray can be custom cut and placed in proximity of pillars or protrusions.
A perfect cut is guaranteed: just draw the cutting outline on the layout and indicate the relative measures.